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We were looking to find the proper reverse osmosis system for our home, but most importantly the right group to advise, support, and be honest. When we first called Marco from AquaFinity, he immediately responded to our inquiries, he came to our place to discuss and evaluate our home, and proposed the different solutions we needed without putting any pressure. It’s easy to see that Marco has professionalism, broad knowledge, and especially his honesty was very refreshing! I would definitely recommend AquaFinity.

John Nikolitas

We called a few companies regarding installation of RO system in our house. We decided to hire AquaFinity Water System because Marco seemed to be most knowledgable, experienced and honest from all others we called. Installation was performed quickly in scheduled time. A couple of weeks later the small water tap was seizing up. We called Marco who appeared within few hours to fix it. We are very satisfied with their service. Knowledge, experience and customer care - things you can count on with AquaFinity. Thank you Marco.

Andrew Woch

Aquafinity provides excellent service. Answered any questions my family and I had, with professionalism and great knowledge which made it so easy for us that we were selecting the unit. If you want clean, safe water aquafinity is the only option.

G Moniz

Thank you Aquafinity for your amazing service. You fixed our hard water and chlorine problem. Your RO system provides my family with the best purest water. Glad we chose to go with the best.

E Roberts

Aquainfinity provides excellent service like no other. Very knowledgeable about their product which provides me with much appreciated comfort and assurance in knowing I am dealing with a vendor who cares not only about the product they are providing but also their customer service and satisfaction. Thank you Aquafinity!

Johnny Papiccio

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